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The popularity of adjustable drivers has taken the golf world by storm. Callaway has recognized this trend, and with the help of callaway-razr-fit-driverstheir product design team, they have released the new RAZR Fit Driver. With an adjustable face angle, as well as removable weights, golfers are now able to adjust the RAZR Fit for maximum distance and feel.

The RAZR Fit Driver features two removable weights for golfers looking to maintain a draw or fade bias. These include a 2 gram weight in the heel and a 12 gram weight in the toe. Adding or removing these weights will automatically give the driver a different feel which is vitally important for a golfer on the tee box. 

With regards to adjustability, Callaway has made the transition from an open, closed, or neutral club face easier than ever with a removable screw near the bottom of the shaft. With a few short turns of the wrench, you now have the draw or fade bias you have been looking for at address. Callaway understands that feel off the tee box is crucial for a golfers success.

Following their successful run with the Diablo Octane Black as well as the RAZR Hawk, they have continued use of the forged composite material for maximum strength as well as a differentiated feel off the club face. Feeling lighter in the hands compared to an aluminum driver, the RAZR Fit maintains the feel of a "fast" driver. 

Comparable to other 2012 models only in adjustability, the RAZR Fit Driver stands alone with it's combination of high velocity and bounce off the club face. Longer than most other Drivers on the market, the RAZR Fit remains a top choice for the serious golfer who is looking for more distance and feel than what other brands can provide.

Used RH Callaway Razr Fit Xtreme 5 Fairway Wood GD G 70 Graphite Stiff S Flex
Used RH Callaway Razr Fit Xtreme 5 Fairway Wood GD G 70 Graphite Stiff S Flex
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Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme 95 Reg Flex Driver
Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme 95 Reg Flex Driver
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