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Ping’s newest addition to their driver arsenal is the i20. The black matte finish on the driver is the first thing that will catch a ping i20 driver reviewgolfer’s attention, but the underlying engineering of this driver is what will have them talking after they hit it for the first time. The 460cc head is created with two tungsten sole weights to promote forgiveness and increase the sweet spot on the driver. The crown of club is designed to reduce drag to increase club head speed and power.

This is a great driver for average golfers who need a low spin rate for drives to maximize penetration and accuracy. The raised moment of inertia still allows plenty of workability off of the tee that will keep advanced golfers happy.

The adjustable build of the i20 sets this driver apart from off the shelf drivers. Most Ping dealers will be able to work with a golfer to find the correct head, shaft and angle to fit every golfer and maximize the results from their new driver.

With the i20 driver, Ping continues to set the standard in golf equipment. Golfers owe it to themselves to check out this new sleek driver when they are considering purchasing a replacement for their bag. The i20 will be a club that will reside in the golf bag for years and years to come.

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