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TaylorTaylorMade R11S Drivermade's R11S driver is getting a lot of publicity because of it tunability. This means that it is adjustable. The original R11 driver was very popular and this newer version seems to be even more so. Golfers can change the loft, face angle and trajectory independently of each other and because the head is larger than the original R11, golfers can hit the ball farther and faster. They can keep up their ball speed even when they mishit a shot.

The R11S driver head is 460 cc's plus it has a pentagon shaped ASP (Adjustable Sole Plate). This new Taylormade driver has 8 positions to change the loft by at least 1.5 degrees. You can also select one of five angle settings to either open or close the face with up to a 6 degree range. Not only that but the center of gravity shifts toward the heel or toes by using one of its many different adjustable settings.

The newer version of the Taylormade R11 is longer than the original and because it is adjustable it offers both right handed and left handed golfers the ability to hit the ball farther and faster. It has a larger sweet spot to enable golfers the ability to keep up their ball speed. The bottom line is that the R11S driver appeals to golfers because it is adjustable.

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The Taylormade R11S driver has different movable weights and a new 1.5 degree FCT (Flight Control Technology) hosel sleeve system which offers a smoother shot that even rookies can enjoy. Because it is slightly more aerodynamic than the original R11 driver, speed and distance can both be attained easily. It is definitely a new design that many golfers have not ever seen before.

While the expert's reviews are positive many are wondering if all of these adjustments are worth the extra money they are spending in comparison to the original R11 driver. The R11S driver may be a little longer with more adjustments but will they be used once it is adjusted to fit the user? The question they are asking is "why not just purchase a driver that already fits them in the first place? Wouldn't it be more affordable in the long run? Is all this tunability even necessary? The answer from many golfers is yes, they love the R11S driver because it is an innovative product that has many adjustments to offer a better game.

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