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TaylorMade Preowned

downloadTaylormade is a name that most golfers have heard. The clubs offered by Taylormade are known around the world for their innovation and their contribution to a better golf game. The engineers at Taylormade have insured that their line of golf clubs has the ability to appeal to a broad range of golfers. Their dual crown technology fuses together two different club head designs into one powerful club. The Taylormade dual crown technology will carry your drives farther than ever before.

If you are interested in generating more club head speed, then you need to look into the Taylormade clubs designed using their superfast technology. It is a lighter club head, lighter shaft, lighter grip, and a club head designed to correct for more errors on impact. The club shaft is longer to allow for more speed when you turn your hips into your shot. No matter what you are looking to do with your golf game, Taylormade has the club technology for you.

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  1. paul

    need a taylor made 360 8 iron graphite medium shaft

  2. Bill Green

    I am looking for a new or pre-owned Taylor Made Burner XD iron / Approach Wedge, with a standard Taylor Made Graphite shaft in Regular flex. Do you have such an item? If so, cost and condition, thanks.

  3. Steve Staples

    Looking for a 2007 Taylormade Burner 3 & 5 wood w/ regular flex graphite shaft. Give costs and condition

  4. Tim Patton

    Looking for “Gently Used” Ladies R7 9 iron with reax45 graphite shaft (she prefers blue in color)…Whatever….. Thanks

  5. Richard Stagliano

    Looking for a TaylorMade BURNER XD 9 IRON REGULAR GRAPHITE SHAFT RH to replace one that was never found at the Ridge Club on Cape Code in Sandwich Ma

  6. Gary Wright

    I am looking for a Taylormade Draw driver, graphite shaft. Cost and condition please

  7. james


  8. Eric

    Looking for a taylormade 3 and 5 wood Ti Bubble 2 with original shaft and grips.Either stiff or regular flex.

  9. Bob

    I am looking for a used Rocketballz max gap wedge with a mens’ regular graphite shaft. Thanks.

  10. Tim

    Am looking for a gently used Rocketball Stage 2 Driver, 12 or 13* loft.

  11. Tom Frappier

    Just lost my r7 draw A wedge (56%). Do you have anything close to that? Shaft
    can be steel or regular flex graphite – right handed.

  12. Gary Lutman

    Looking for new or used taylormade burner plus or 2.0 sand wedge 55* mens, right, steel,& stiff 85

  13. harry prince

    I am looking for an 8 iron, steel shaft, RH ,men

  14. noel hackett

    good evening,
    Just trying to source king cobra,5h,6h,7,8,9 s3max graphite



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